Top Careers for Online MBA Graduates

Online schooling – both high school and college level – has been growing in popularity for the past few years. Internet-based college degrees are also increasing in popularity, and with them, so is the list of jobs that an online degree can achieve. For online MBA graduates, there are a number of jobs that can be seized. Here are a few of the top jobs for online MBA graduates. read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Self-Education

When you are earning for you and you might have good saving for your future. You might be thinking of investing that saving to get good returns from them but have you ever consider about investing those fund to your self-education can give you the best results than any other investments. You can pursue further education by selecting Maryville’s online master’s degree programs. Self-education not only means pursue degrees further. You can opt for diploma programs too or any our self-education classes about anything which you are not familiar with before. Let’s discuss a few reasons why you should invest in self-education: – read more

A Brief Philosophy of Technology in Education

Creating a positive message about students using technology for educational success can be difficult. Showing off students typing away at a row of computers is a nice way to say “look at all this productivity,” but it doesn’t convey something as emotional as a student-led presentation or a teacher’s own voice. I tried to blend both in a recent video that I made for my district, showcasing the thoughts behind the use of technology in education. It’s not perfect, and I had all sorts of headaches with the audio (lots of noisy classrooms), but this is my first attempt to show some of the thought behind our teachers’ instructional methodology when using technology. You can view below or on Vimeo. read more

Every Common Core Standard Related to Technology

I’ve had a LOT of traffic on a Google Document that I created last year while exploring the Common Core State Standards. At the time I created it I was looking for a way to impress upon the teachers in my district that technology standards are now for the first time being embedded within the content standards (at least here in Michigan). Previously, the technology standards were published by the state separately from the core content areas, which created a convenient excuse for many teachers to basically say “well, they aren’t my concern, because they aren’t in my standards.” read more

Write a Poem, Win a Lenovo m90z ThinkCentre!

The special day has finally arrived! Today, April 25th, marks the start of my giveaway contest for a brand new Lenovo m90z ThinkCentre desktop computer. It’s big, it’s shiny, and if you’re the lucky winner you’ll be able to smudge the screen to your hearts’ desire because this thing has touch input! At 23 inches, and a full multi-touch experience, this computer would be great in an elementary classroom as a touch-powered, interactive digital learning center, useful for students with fine motor control problems preventing keyboard and mouse interaction, or as a learning kiosk in a public place within your school building. There are many more uses, but I’ll let the winner decide how they’re going to use it! read more

Come Write Poetry With Me This April!

I’m a terrible poet.

No really, I am. Whether it’s over-using simplistic imagery devices, abusing similes, or providing rather juvenile metaphors that make other novice poetry writer’s efforts seem sublime, I can’t write consistently decent lines of verse to save my life. Which is why I need practice! So much of our educational experiences, including our own and those we thrust upon our students, is building up to the holy grail of reading and writing, the all hallowed “final draft”. We become so fixated on that final goal, it’s often easy to miss all of the tiny little daily writing opportunities that help our students become better incrementally, and emphasize the process and practice over the final product. read more

Calling all Poets!

It’s no secret that I’m a “hit and miss poet”. While I’d like to believe that my expository writing has improved since I started writing on a regular basis via this blog 7 years ago (I’ll let you pass judgement on the quality of my writing), I find that prose and other literary forms escape my realm of competence. Sure, I can turn out a decent poem or two if given enough time to consider meter, verse, and similes that don’t harken back to my grade school days. In fact, I feel that I wrote a rather decent cinquain inspired by this image today. read more