Top Careers for Online MBA Graduates

Online schooling – both high school and college level – has been growing in popularity for the past few years. Internet-based college degrees are also increasing in popularity, and with them, so is the list of jobs that an online degree can achieve. For online MBA graduates, there are a number of jobs that can be seized. Here are a few of the top jobs for online MBA graduates. read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Self-Education

When you are earning for you and you might have good saving for your future. You might be thinking of investing that saving to get good returns from them but have you ever consider about investing those fund to your self-education can give you the best results than any other investments. You can pursue further education by selecting Maryville’s online master’s degree programs. Self-education not only means pursue degrees further. You can opt for diploma programs too or any our self-education classes about anything which you are not familiar with before. Let’s discuss a few reasons why you should invest in self-education: – read more

Exploring the Adobe Edu Exchange – Expanded Algorithms

I was recently asked by some nice people that work with Adobe to help spread the word about the Adobe Education Exchange, and a little contest they have going on over there. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m providing that information up front, but more importantly, I wanted to critique some of the content that’s on the Education Exchange. Some of the resources seem more like advertisements for upcoming books and resources that you should buy in order to be a better teacher with Photoshop, while other resources are actually quite useful (if even in a limited capacity). Below is a video of me exploring a simple animatic that helps learners remember how to work with expanded algorithms in simple additions problems. It’s actually a WHOLE lot less complicated than it sounds 🙂 read more

Exploring the Adobe Education Exchange – Kerning Around

I was asked a few months back by some nice people who work with Adobe to give the Adobe Educator Exchange a look, and share some of the resources that I found interesting. While I haven’t always found the resources to be compelling or engaging (there are a LOT of rather dry tutorials and lessons, especially in the Higher-Ed categories), there are plenty of amazingly creative and useful interactives, lessons, and ideas being shared there. They even have their annual Educator’s Choice Awards going on right now (submission deadline is this evening), so it’s been interesting to see which submissions are being rated the highest. read more