Estimating Sticky Notes – A Video Story Problem

I did a search on YouTube today for the terms “video story problem.” It returned more than 16 million results. Interestingly enough, many of the top results are from people creating video story problems that I’ve never met, have never been in one of my workshops, and have no links back to where they got the idea; and that’s awesome! Loving that so many other educators and students are starting to play with video to help create publicly available examples of the old “learning is messy” adage! read more

3 Ways to Create Math Equations

I was asked a couple of weeks ago by a teacher in my district about various ways to create math equations using software we had available to us in our district. Our teachers use a wide variety of tools, including NeoOffice, ExamView, and a host of other applications. Our Macs also include Grapher, we have access to Google Docs, and most of our teachers have Promethean Interactive Whiteboards. That means they also have access to the equation editor within ActivInspire, the software that many of our elementary and middle school teachers use to craft interactive lessons. read more

Giant Twix – A Video Story Problem

After an almost two-year hiatus, I actually set aside some time to edit together a new video story problem. It’s not a particularly difficult video, nor is it highly polished…but it does involve candy, so that’s a plus, right? Truth be told, to create a video story problem properly (or at least the current way I feel is proper) involves pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Among a list of internal checklists, here’s a few items that I typically have to go through when creating a video story problem out in “the wild”: read more